So once more, I have signed up to do an entire week of blogging… what have I got myself in for?

So where do we start… I have discussed writing in length in some of my earlier posts, about why, when, how, what for etc… and I really don’t want to repeat myself.

I did have a fantastic idea about what to blog – during one of my 4am wake times… but it can’t have been that brilliant, because I can’t remember it now…

And I don’t like to ramble!

So perhaps, what does KiwiWriters mean to me?

I discovered KiwiWriters  just over 4 years ago, and for me, it was a sense of relief.  At the time, I had only just decided to start writing seriously, and while there were lots of support groups out in the big wide web, I struggled to find one that really catered for my needs.  When I stumbled across KiwiWriters, I could not contain my excitement.  Here was a group, situated in NZ, who understood my struggles, my dreams and my goals, so I decided to join.  And then about two years ago, I asked to become a member of the team behind KiwiWriters, because I was that passionate about keeping the work going.

I live in a small rural community, about 45 minutes drive from a City.  I only visit the city when I have to, so I couldn’t just drive in and attend meetings at night, besides, there wasn’t really anything available in town, unless I was into Romance writing.  At least with KiwiWriters, I was able to connect with other writers throughout NZ, some of whom are in the same situation as me, or there was no writing group in their area.  Instead, we could communicate via KiwiWriters.  Our hopes, fears, problems were all freely discussed on the forums.  Everyone had experienced the same problems as me, or had problems I had already been through.

A sense of community is a great thing, and unless you use KiwiWriters on a regular basis, we may lose this wonderful local tool.

KiwiWriters Blog Week – Day One

2 thoughts on “KiwiWriters Blog Week – Day One

  • February 19, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    I’m attempting the challenge of 7-days in a row as well! Have never done this before so will see how we go.

    • February 20, 2012 at 6:25 am

      You can do it! This is my third weekly challenge, but you always manage to come up with enough blogs!


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