Day Two… what now?

Goals – I know I go on about goals all the time, but goals are important, even in life.

I set myself Writing Goals every year, so that I have a goal I work towards.  They are simple enough, easy to achieve, while stretching me to achieve something that I might not have achieved had I not set myself a goal.

In life, you need to have goals too.  Goals keep you going in your day to day activities, and sometimes you might not even be aware that you have them.  Just to get through the day can sometimes be a goal.  To get tea prepared by lunchtime is a goal.  Going to the shop and not overspending… yip that’s a goal too.

So do you have any writing goals?

Mine have been quite varied, and I like to keep them in line with KiwiWriters challenges.  Like March is Evil Editors Unite, so I have a story I want to edit during March.  June is SoCNoC (Southern Cross Novel Competition), so I have a story to write during that time.  The End is Nigh in August is a perfect opportunity to get those projects finished that I haven’t had a chance to complete.

This year, because of my lack of motivation to write, I am concentrating on editing, with a view of getting some of my stories ready to be sent out to publishers by the end of the year.  I have four stories that could be ready, three that I definitely want to find homes for.  Fingers crossed, my editing goals will go well this year.

KiwiWriters Blogging Week – Day Two

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