KiwiWriters is a group that is close to my heart.  I learnt about them after trawling through the internet looking for NZ based writing groups, and KiwiWriters was IT – the ONE!  I was so pleased to find it because I lived in a rural location, and it isn’t easy to drive to the local town to meet up with a writing group.

KiwiWriters was the support group I needed, the support I needed.  The Forums were full of fun topics, interesting information and ideas to work on.  It was so fabulous, I asked to join the Admin.

Three years down the track from me joining up, things are ticking along.  But that is the problem.  Instead of growing and expanding, we are almost contracting, and I really can’t stand to see this happen.

When I first joined on, the admin was 6 or 7 strong.  We are now down to 4 and we are trying to do all of the tasks on our own, and it is getting harder.

What we need is fresh new blood, people who are keen to see this wonderful resource grow and build again.  You don’t have to take on a job, just join the admin and inject some new excitement into our team.

There are some changes coming, some will like it, others won’t, but it is for our sanity as well as for our dedicated members.  If you would like to join the team, let me know ASAP. You don’t have to be from NZ, just being a writer would help.

Please, our team needs some long overdue support and encouragement.  Let us know that we mean something to you too.

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2 thoughts on “KiwiWriters

  • September 17, 2012 at 9:42 am

    Is this an online group? I am not great writer but I don’t mind trying to help.

  • September 17, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    Thanks for the interest Fathom.

    Check KiwiWriters out at If you are interested in helping, check out this link, there is an email address on it. Please note, I am not asking anyone to take on any of the positions that are listed, unless you are willing or able to do one of them. We are asking for help for the admin behind the scenes.


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