I struggle with my weight.  I look at myself as fat, even though I am tall and can carry the extra weight.  My BMI says I am obese, which is the word I focus on more than anything else (to look at me, you wouldn’t think obese).   But no matter what I do, I self sabotage.  I stop exercising, or start sneaking junk food back into my diet.  I do suffer from Binge Eating Disorder, but that is just an excuse.

And everytime I see the word DIET or LOSE WEIGHT FAST – I want to try it, except it never works.  I can never sustain a long term diet (DIE with a T on the end).  I don’t want to be skinny, just lose the excess love handles.  I have curves, I want to keep them, make them more curvaceous.

This morning, I have made a decision.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I lost weight last year, and built up my fitness, I can do it again.  But instead of trying to do it all at once, I’ll do it, one small step at a time.  I have already started by dropping my sugar intake.  Unfortunately it had a negative impact on my body, but replacing my normal morning tea with a banana and yoghurt has boosted my energy levels, and having a larger meal at lunchtime and a small meal or snack at tea time has helped too.  But the chocolate bar is still sneaked in, but – small steps.  Small changes can form habits – like having fruit and honey on my porridge in the morning.  I still do this, over a year later.  Small things.

My life seems chaotic at time, but small steps is the way to go.  When I feel overwhelmed, I remember that I need to break things down into small bite sized pieces – if I break a busy day down into small tasks, I achieve more than I thought possible rather than stressing about what I have to do.  Keeping up with the housework means less time spent scrubbing and cleaning.  Making sure my kitchen bench is clean and clear gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Break the housework down into small jobs – do one job a day – dusting, vacuuming, toilet, bathroom, bedrooms.  Small changes.

My writing – doing small bite sized chunks at a time, and I can write two or three scenes in one hit.  My Taniwha story has really progressed in the last two weeks faster than in the previous two months, because I sit down and read a scene or two when I have a drink or a small break.  I’m hoping to build on this so I can write 5000 words in an hour – imagine that.  I could have a book cranked out in a fortnight!  That doesn’t include editing though (any ideas on how to edit in a fortnight?)

I guess what I am trying to say is don’t let things overwhelm you.  You can make things easier by doing little things or making little steps to make changes.

What little steps will you take this week to make your life easier? To improve your health? To give your life a boost? Share your ideas and thoughts.

Little Steps to Big Change
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One thought on “Little Steps to Big Change

  • October 21, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    Yeah, I can totally relate. Small steps sometimes feel like I’m not doing all the things I want to do – but overwhelm means I’m not doing *anything* I want to do. Baby steps all the way 🙂

    I’ve been sick this week, so even if I go for one walk that’ll do. More fruit for me!


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