Last week was pretty epic.  At 12:02am, a 7.8 (revised up from 7.5 and 6.6) magnitude earthquake literally woke up the majority of New Zealand.  It was a little bit close to home for me.  I don’t do earthquakes… just ask my Women’s Computer group when they had to console me underneath the desk at Nelson Polytechnic about 20 years ago…  I lay in bed waiting for it to stop shaking, my poor heart racing, and then instead of easing, the shaking INCREASED!  I shot out of bed and stood in the doorway to my son’s room.  I watched the clock and saw it click over from 12:02am to 12:03am and 12:04am… It was the scariest and longest 90 seconds of my life.  Apparently the shaking lasted for up to two minutes, but 90 seconds still feels incredibly long if you’re wondering if it will ever stop.  I was telling God that I was over it, and he could stop it any time, as I got the point.

It was located just out of Hamner / Waiau and affected the East Coast and Wellington worse than the Nelson area, but the aftershocks were definitely felt.  Very scary.

So why am I rabbiting on about the earthquake?  I had planned to release my book this week, as a surprise, however, I haven’t got my ISBN’s yet.  I had requested them some time ago, but didn’t get an email back with the numbers and details.  I sent an email on Wednesday last week, and got a response Thursday.  I responded on Friday… only to receive a out of office message saying, due to the earthquake, the National Library is closed until further notice… they are on Molesworth Street in Wellington, which has been cordoned off due to an adjacent building being deemed an earthquake risk… This morning they reported that demolition is to start on the building, and it will take about two weeks.  So, Running Away’s release has been delayed for at least two weeks.  Them’s are the breaks.

So while I have been waiting, I have been editing Curse of the Taniwha.  And I am really enjoying the story.  I know that there are some parts in the middle that I have been working on and is out of place.  Reading through it I can make sure that I get it all making sense when I come to putting it into my word document.  All going well, I should be able to get it released early next year.  Love when things come together like that.

I spent a long weekend in Wellington, enjoying some of the Capitals lovely attractions, and aftershocks, which were a little off putting, not actually not as scary as I thought.  While there, I got to experience the ballet for the first time, watching the Imperial Russian Ballet Company perform The Nutcracker.  I went with a friend, who wore a tuxedo and looked very smart.  I wore an evening dress, one that I had from being Maid of Honour at my Mum and Poppa’s wedding, and felt like a princess.  It was really nice to get dressed up for such an affair.  Of course, we were the only one’s who were dressed up, but I didn’t feel overdressed.  In fact, it felt like everyone else was under-dressed.  And as we walked home, we were often told how lovely we looked.

I have been working on arts and crafts at home, and hope to start making some more notebooks / journals this week, as I have some lovely new paper that I can use to make covers.  Hoping to have a big push and then I can put some into the local cafe’s for sale, and maybe even get some into the Sunday market.  Of course you can check out Notebookaholics on The Hive to see what I have listed, and while there, have a look at some of the other NZ business that have things to offer.  There are some incredibly talented Kiwi’s out there.

So this week, more editing, more proofreading, more beta reading and hopefully more writing on the agenda.  What are your plans this week?

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Living in the Shaky Isles
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