Another week has slipped by and February is nearly upon us!  Has four weeks really passed? My mind is a blur and I have no significant way of telling what happened in the last month – obviously nothing much!  Life continues on, counselling is being attended to, my mind is quietening, but life… just goes on.  Writing and editing is being done around my son, who fortunately goes back to school on the 7th February (and COUNTING!)

I have helped friends move this week, and I am now covered in bruises.  If I had realised it would only be the three of us (two woman and a teenager) I don’t think I would have volunteered (in fact I am not entirely sure that I did volunteer…)

Anyway the point of the story is that driving home at 10pm, when it is dark, I am sure that the road changes.  Why?  Because there were turns I don’t remember taking when I drive that road during the day, and also it takes almost twice as long… probably has more to do with the fact that I drive slower when it is dark.

Being tired, driving in the dark, eating McDonalds can lead to some very interesting thoughts… strange thoughts that I am really too embarrassed to divulge here, but lets just say I was letting my imagination go wild.

Ideas take flight and become entire universes complete with social system.  Characters become “goodies” or “baddies” with their own social customs…

I remember when my husband and I went fishing one night (he had his own trawler), we decided to do a night trawl, and as I was the night owl, I told him I would do the first shift.  Well, moonbeams on the waves create cartoons… did you know that?  And they are constantly changing, one minute mickey mouse, next minute a chinese dragon, then a kite flying under the ocean… And no, I wasn’t smoking anything funky!  It was also rather hypnotic to watch, and one had to be careful not to fall asleep at the wheel!  Just like when you are driving a car.

Anyway, driving at night isn’t something I like to do, so to keep myself occupied (and awake), I try and work through a story I am working on, trying to get through the next plot glitch, forward it on, make it better etc.  This particular night, I had two very distinct conversations that I wanted my main character to have, one with Lazarus and one with Jesus.  The Lazarus scene is currently being written, but the Jesus scene is still in formulation.  It is something that I have been struggling with since I decided to write this story.  How do you capture Jesus on paper?  You can read the Bible to your hearts content but it really doesn’t tell you what he looked like, sounded like, how he spoke etc.  I imagine him as being very gently spoken, but description wise, I think I will leave that to the readers imagination.

So, as I said, life is continuing on, and editing is still going well, although I haven’t done nearly as much as I would have liked.  I will keep going, you never know, I could finish it within the next day and a half!

Midnight Thoughts
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