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My husband took Friday and Monday off work, because for the first time in ages, we would not have any kids over the weekend.  Yahoo!

My darling insisted on me having Friday and Monday off too… Grrr, not what I anticipated, but do you know what?  I have actually enjoyed the break.  Not since Fiji have I felt so refreshed!

And it wasn’t like we went away for the weekend.  No, I was an apprentice cable tugger – and not, that isn’t rude!  We installed a Ventilation system on Saturday and cables had to be pulled through to gain power to the unit.  And I did it, with a little coaching from my beloved.

Friday, I finally won an auction for a computer desk!  Yay, I now have one for work and one for “work”!  Actually, it means that I have a desk solely for the purpose of my laptop and writing purposes!  Yay!

Saturday night was dark and stormy, so forgoing the promised night in town, we instead watched a movie on Sky Box Office and ate Pizza for tea.

Sunday was an equally nasty day, but we ventured into town and met up with a couple of friends before heading over to pick up our son from his Nanna’s.  Then a rainy trip back home, where we decided, late in the afternoon, to have a crack at putting in the Heat Transfer Kit.  Did I mention that we are suckers for punishment?

We got the vents in last night, but didn’t get the wiring done until Monday, which again involved pulling cables through walls.  Not an easy job, and certainly not one I am in a hurry to replicate, but I have done it, and I am sure that my husband would employ me if he was really desperate!

We have both systems working, which is awesome.  The house, for the first time this year, is toasty and DRY!

Tomorrow, my beloved is back at work, and I will be too, but feeling much more refreshed and revitalised for having spent some quality time with my beloved!

Mini Break
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2 thoughts on “Mini Break

  • July 12, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    sounds like a busy weekend, but a worthwhile one! glad you are feeling nice and refreshed, even after all the hard work 🙂

    • July 12, 2011 at 2:51 pm

      Only problem is, today I feel flat! Argh! I guess the cold bug I have just wants to linger!


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