Rosalind AllenWow, what a week, had a fabulous time writing for a submission call with the picture prompt of a beautiful lady.  The brief was to create a story based on the picture – has to be Scandalous because that is the style that Entangled want to publish and based in the early 20th Century.

When I first saw the picture three things popped into my head.  Mob, Chicago, 1920’s.  Man, have I had fun researching this lot out! Prohibition, Speak-Easy’s, North Side Gang, Albert “Gorilla” Weinshanke, O’Banion, Capone – Burlesque dancers – which in the 1920’s were extremely risque!

There were some interesting terminologies too – like Jerk was an audience member, Quiver was shaking the chest area, shimmy was shaking your posterior, bump is swinging the hips forward, blisters were a strippers breasts, cheeks was her backside, and Gadget for G- String (maybe that is where the G and G String originates from???)

Dean O'BanionThe North side Gang were in direct opposition to Al Capone and run by an Irishman named O’Banion (Dean I think was his first name).  They were ambition and nearly drove Al Capone and his gang out of town, and would have, had the Valentine Day Massacre not occurred!

Albert Weinshenker I was going to have Dean as a main character, but he was more into running the liquor side of things.  When I investigated further, a seedy character by the name of Albert “Gorilla” Weinshanke presented himself.  He was the one that ran the Speak Easy’s or the places where people could visit and buy illegal alcohol.  They often had dancing girls or Burlesque dancers there for entertainment, along with a band to provide music.

To add more scandal to my story, I have included an English Duke, who is investigating the murder of his brother.  And of course, I couldn’t resist throwing in a gratuitous photo of my favourite Englishman, Tom Hardy, upon whom I am basing my English Duke (of course!).

The story is a romance, and it is a little bit dark, but I am loving coming up with the scenes and so far I haven’t been disappointed.  I hope I can keep to the 35k limit though!

Mobsters and Dancers and Dukes – Oh My!
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  • September 17, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    That sounds like a LOT of fun to write! I’m not too good with the scandalous stuff myself but I would certainly be intrigued to read what you come up with!


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