Mondays and I have never gotten along very well, just one of them things.  And today is no different.  Its cold, the cat is trying to get warmth from me, the fire is going and it is only 6.5 degrees inside my lounge.  Yeah… those kind of Mondays.  Roll on Summer I say!

Anyway, no writing done.  And that is about it, thanks for sticking in there… bye.




No, seriously, I haven’t done any fiction writing but I have been working on my wellbeing toolbox.  It is becoming quite a document.  Going to need a lot of refining, but slowly bringing together some ideas.  Just not enough really, so if you have a great idea for how you develop your wellbeing let me know.

While there are still two terms left of school, my Art folio is due in at the end of this term, so working on finalising pieces to put on my folio.  I’m liking what I have done so far, and the skeleton house of Denniston is proving to be a real hit.  Who knew, when I took that photo, just how it would have such an impact on my artwork this year.  Already thinking ahead to next year, wondering what to do… Still want it to be NZ based… Maori myths maybe?  We’ll see.

Oh, and I am participating in a Sampler book – it is the first few chapters of Cursed Love, plus bonus material – so if you’re keen to check out some paranormal authors, click here to get your copy of the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Everest has just been banished to the bedroom – grumpy old bugger!

Ok, so that is about it for me this week, I’m off up to Lake Rotoiti for a walk with a friend today.  Hoping that it will inspire me with my writing.

Have a good week.

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Monday Morning Blues

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  • August 10, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    A wellbeing toolbox is a great idea. I made a ‘blue day box’ a couple of years ago that I still bring out now and again. One thing I’m grateful for including is a list of small things to do – things that I don’t feel like doing when I’m down but I know are good for me, like playing my ukulele, taking myself out for coffee (I even included a $5 note in case I was strapped for cash!), going for a 5-minute walk etc.

    I am loving your art work. Keep it coming!

    • August 21, 2016 at 9:04 pm

      There are some wonderful ideas in there. This is a wellbeing toolbox that people can download and fill out, and there is a page they can put into their wallet / handbag / on the fridge to remind them.


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