Yeah, I know, I’m a bad blogger!  And I really have no valid excuse – except the usuals (too busy, not busy enough, too much going on, not enough going on, too stressed, not stressed enough etc… etc… etc), but I won’t bore you with details.

I haven’t done any significant writing on Dragon’s League, only tidied up a chapter.  I need to get onto this, but I have found that more pressing matters keep coming up.  But that is all okay.

I have done some art work, and this week at school, I started, and printed, my first lino cut.  Really proud of it, except it is facing the wrong way.  Yip, instead of flipping the image to carve it, I carved it exactly how the picture looked.  So I have a reverse picture, but that is okay.  If you want to see it, check it out on Instagram.

I have also started art journaling, expressly for my emotions.  I’m happy with what I have some up with at the moment. I’m using it to create pictures of how I am feeling emotionally.  I don’t necessarily use Blue for sadness or red for anger – I use the colour I feel like using at that particular time, because that is how I see my emotion.  It is really just another way to process my emotions, and it is really working well for me so far.

We inherited a little feral kitten a couple of weeks ago – it had been hit by a car, but when I got it home and cleaned up, it only had a small head wound.  But two days later, the kitten went feral, and took off.  We haven’t seen it again.  My son was devastated, because he has been at me and at me since we lost Rosey to get him a new cat, so last week, one of the locals had a black manx kitten free to give away.  Its a while since I had a stumpie manx (Everest is a tailed manx – yes, there is such a thing).  My son has called him Tyrone, but I call him Little, and he responds to both.  He is currently curled up asleep inside my sweatshirt while I write. He’s settling in just fine, although a little weary of the great outdoors.  Which is okay, except, he needs to start exploring the big wide world.  But I’ll let him do it at his pace.

So I have something exciting to share with you. My first Vlog!  Yes, I decided quite some time ago that I wanted to do one, and didn’t quite know how to go about it, so I thought – bugger it!  And I videoed my study – so now you can see where I work.

Okay, so that is all for today – hope to catch up with you all next week. (I actually have a youtube channel – if you want to check it out.)

Take care



Monday Morning Update – or is that afternoon?
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