Sunday topped off a very long week.  A week that had more lows than highs.

My beloved had a rough week at work – which isn’t that unusual, but it is really starting to get to him, and he to be honest, I don’t blame him.  He came home threatening to quit work – which doesn’t go down well with me.  What makes it worse is knowing that he had to work on Sunday in another town.

My son has had a cough all week, which culminated in a racking cough on Friday, the one and only day I go into town and was looking forward to spending time with my Mum.  Instead I had to take a child who only wanted to do one thing.  Spend money.  MY Money.

I also read a story last week, as part of my role as a reviewer for e-fiction book club and it was horrific.  I was glued to my seat as I read about the abuse that this woman went through.  Someone said “Must have been a good read,”.  To be honest, it could not be classed as a good read, but it was emotive, gripping and well written.  It wasn’t the best story I had ever read, but it was powerful, but also sad – I felt for the woman.

To top it off, I have had a bit of a down week.  I scheduled my jobs to do around the house so I could spend time editing, and instead spent most of the time chasing phone calls, emails and work related issues.  So my writing has suffered, yet again.

So, does my mood affect my writing? 

I know music does, in fact I actually get quite a bit done and can be quite inspired by whatever I am listening to, but I wasn’t too sure about my writing… until I read what I had edited. 

Fortunately it was a dark period of the story anyway, but I noticed that it was far darker than the original version, and had little to do with the notes and comments I had manually written on the paper!  So perhaps what I need to do is focus on the darker aspects of my story when I am feeling down.  But then I don’t like feeling this way, I feel lonely.  I could be surrounded by people, and still feel lonely.  It is a horrible isolating feeling, and one that I don’t enjoy, but I work through it (I acknowledge it, dwell in it for 5 minutes, then keep myself busy until I am out of my funk),  and come out the other end feeling a little rough around the edges, but a functioning human being (heaven forbid I, as the woman of the household, should get sick and have to go to bed!  Who would make the beds, wash the dishes, cook tea, prepare lunches, bake… etc… etc).

My writing also affects my moods.  I know when I have had a good day, I like to share that with my beloved, who doesn’t appreciate the fact that I have actually managed to clean the house, the car, the shed, the boy’s room AND finish a chapter as a big deal… Now if I had been clambering around in a hot roof space and got the job done, I might get a “well done” – don’t get me wrong, he is supportive…  I do have some friends who appreciate the hardship that is involved in being a writer, and I am grateful for their encouragement.  It goes the other way too, when I get frustrated because something isn’t working or coming together like I would like it to, then I can get very down about that.

So my moods do actually affect my writing, and my writing also affects my moods.  Lets hope that my mood improves and so does my writing this week.  My aim – two chapters edited this week!

Mood Swings

2 thoughts on “Mood Swings

  • November 24, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    So sorry you had a rough week *hugs*. I sympathise with you about hubs not ‘getting’ the work involved in running the house. But good on you for working out how to deal with the funk.

    Sorry to throw you a rough read, but I honestly could not have touched that subject matter. Thank you, on behalf of the club (and the author!) for tackling it.

  • November 24, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    Still struggling to get out of the funk today, but got Chapter 7 finished yesterday, onto chapter eight!

    As far as the reading went, its not what you would call an enjoyable read but it was definitely a memorable read. It is going to be hard to score this one because there were so many levels to it.


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