Rosalind AllenAnother month has begun, and I haven’t finished my Novella yet!  Eeek!  Not far off finishing though, just need to get them through the next part and then it is the end.  I have one beta reader / critiquer lined up already – if anyone else is interested in a 1920’s based Romance, please let me know.

NaNoWriMoAnd while it is October, planning is starting on my NaNoWriMo story.  NaNoWriMo?  National Novel Writing Month – it is the original 50k in 30 days challenge.  It is the northern hemisphere version of SoCNoC, and it is what conceived the original concept of SoCNoC.  So, I am writing another story, this time I have to crack the 50k word limit… Hmmm, could be interesting, as I haven’t been able to write 50k since 2011!  But I like a challenge.

And the ideas are just coming thick and fast!  I started writing a story year ago – I think it was not long after I originally finished the Chrystias story, about a Huntress.  She was kidnapped while out hunting one night.  While I liked the idea of her hunting, I wasn’t keen on the kidnapping thing, so another idea sprung up – which lead to another idea and another idea.  And now she is a half breed, rejected because of her deformity, which is actually what makes her really cool.  I would like to make this story a trilogy, so have to have plenty of action, but also finish the story with enough for a second one, but they are all stand alone.

Editing-wise I haven’t really got anything on the go, although I have Cursed Love going through the Critique group at the moment, and had some awesome feedback.  I love getting feedback, positive and negative.  Fortunately it has all been positive lately, which is great.

Its currently the school holidays, and I have this week to myself.  I am hoping to make productive use of my time and finish Whose That Girl this week so I can get editing on that in December, because then I have a couple of months to fix any problems and get my beta readers / critiquers to actually get their comments back to me.

So I guess I should be writing, and not mucking around on my blog…

My Cup (of Ideas) Overfloweth!
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