Writing has ground to a halt.  Well not exactly stopped, but I have stopped writing the Huntress story.

Rosalind AllenToday, I finished off – rather lamely – my Whose that Girl story, and having converted it to word, I am in the process of setting up the paragraphs etc.  Once I have done this, I will print it out and edit it – yay!  Hopefully I can get it away to my Critiquer by the middle of December (hopefully she remembers and reads through it quickly for me!)  The deadline is in February, but I want to get some edits etc done before I send it away.

I was frantically looking for software that I could use to create my story bible for the Huntress.  After lots of suggestions – that weren’t entirely helpful, I stumbled across a product called Tree Sheets.  Basically, it is a database, but with special features, like a cross between a spreadsheet and database.  I can enter information within cells, and within those cells again.  It is really quite fascinating, and I am looking forward to working with it to plan my three stories and keep my characters, settings etc in line.

Having had the week off work last week, because of a sick boy, I managed to get heaps done around the house.  Most of the gardens have been weeded, some of the veggie garden has been planted, and the house has been cleaned properly.  I am still in nesting mode, with lots of ideas about how to read rid of some stuff – some went to the op shop, some to the school.  With our plans and dreams coming together, I need to be able to get rid of things over the next few years in order for me to become comfortable with living with the bare minimum – as long as that doesn’t include my laptop, I think I can survive.  Although my husbands suggestion that I get rid of some books was met with a large amount of protest and I have dug my toes in.  He hasn’t pushed the issue since!

So while I failed NaNo, I have to focus on the fact that I have completed three novella’s this year, all three are in stages of edits, and one is being critiqued by the local RWNZ!  I have actually exceeded my own expectations for the year.


NaNo Fail
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