We are heading into the third week of NaNo, and while I had an okay week last week, I am behind when it comes to goals.  Memory Recall is currently sitting at 16,000 words, while I think the goal today is 26k+, so I have my work cut out for me to catch up this week.  I’ve learnt some interesting things while researching for this book – like amnesia is generally not permanent and that there are two types, depending on the injury.  There are some interesting facts that I might put up as a separate post later this week.

The story is coming together… slowly!  It took me a while to get the heroine out of the lock down facility, but now she is in a luxury aparment on the edge of the Abel Tasman City.  This book is a futuristic tale – so having to work out what New Zealand would look like in the 22nd Century.  I have drawn a map, which I will put up at a future date.

My NCEA Art has finished for the year, but I am still working on a project, which will need to be given to my teacher for marking in the next couple of weeks.  Its an Altered Book, which is exactly what it sounds likeT.  You take an old book, and put artwork into it, creating a new book.  I’ve chosen to do mine as a Visual History of New Zealand.

This week I’m hoping to have a big push and get most of my writing up to date – I don’t know if I will get fully up to date, but will have fun trying  🙂

What are your plans for the week?

NaNoWriMo Updates
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