Last week, I spent 40 hours working.  An entire week!  It is the first time in a very (V e r y) long time since I worked fulltime, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed it.  I probably enjoyed it more because I knew that on Friday at 4pm it would be my last day.  But I enjoyed it so much, that I have told the person I worked with that I have two days in a couple of weeks that I can do 16 hours, so he is lining some work up for those days.

I learned so much during my time, including how to properly use my equipment that I was given by the company I subcontract to.  Yes, you heard me, they GAVE me a multimeter and a load tester just before Christmas, and a promise to have me fully trained and qualified to do the work that I am doing – which is annual testing of commercial fire alarm systems.

It did get hard on three days, as we had to do the alarm system at my old College – Nelson College for Girls.  I don’t look on my time there fondly.  And by Thursday it was really getting me down, because it was working in the classrooms that I had to sit in.  On Friday we worked on parts of the school that had been built since I left, so that wasn’t quite so bad.  I was surprised just how hard it really affected me, and it didn’t help that I was tired.  But I hope that going back there, and facing my demons will help me to move on.  I certainly hope it will stop me from dreaming about running around the school trying to find my classroom!

Onto better things: I didn’t get much editing done while I was working, because I had to come home, and cook tea, and then collapse into bed.  Instead I did some Saturday and again on Sunday, and I am on the downward slope to the end.  I was so stoked when my friend Melissa Pearl offered to have a read through for me, and I look forward to her thoughts and comments.  I have the book out to three beta readers, and already the feedback is trickling through.  I hope to have all the comments through and the finished product through to my editor at the beginning of February.  Then I can arrange for a cover and start the marketing process.

The countdown is on for another project I have been working on – Ripples, an anthology of short stories by Nelson Romance Writers.  This book is being released on 14th February 2016 and we are just working on the final edits.  Once we have those to hand, it will be put up for pre-order, and paperback copies printed for the release.  If you’re in Nelson, New Zealand on 14th February, come into Page and Blackmore Bookshop in Trafalgar Street, as we will be there for the release.

Otherwise, more editing in store for this week, and hopefully some time to work on Memory Recall or Curse of the Taniwha to get that finished off.

See you next time.



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