Summer is progressing nicely – with me picking raspberries and boysenberries pretty much daily.  Having 5 days off, and then the last two days picking, and that’s it for another season!  Why am I having 5 days off?  To work of course!

Over Christmas and New Year, I have been doing some thinking and planning, and working on my social media savvy-ness, and learning how to become more productive in my writing.  I hope to pull this all together to help me to write more, and get three books published this year – something I wanted to do last year but totally failed at.

So I have a plan – and if I was really smart, I could write a book a month – but that would be too draining.  I know I can do it, but I reckon if I can write 4 new stories this year, I’ll be happy with that.

Currently I’m editing Running Away, a contemporary romance.  It was a toss up between this or Curse of the Taniwha, but I would like to get a contemporary story out before I release the second in my Paranormal Aotearoa series.  I am hoping to get Running Away out in late February early March.  My beta / Critique readers are enjoying it so far, so will continue on with my edits and get it to my editor at the end of this month.

I’m hoping to be a little more productive on my website this year too – and produce more guest posts about the writing process.  You’ll also notice I have a “Book table” tab where you can follow links to purchase my books on smashwords, or put on your ‘to be read list’ on Goodreads.  I like the layout, but unless you sign up for the premium version, you can’t add Amazon – so still a little unsure whether to attempt to add it in manually, or just scrap it altogether.  What do you guys think?

Anyway, busy week this week, with work from 8 until 5 – so might not get as much editing done as I would like, but I am over half way through, and liking the story so far – which is always a good sign!

Anyway, onwards and upwards, and look forward to interacting with you guys a bit more.



New Year – New Plans
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