I’m bored.  Seriously bored.  I finished writing Finding Amy Archer and now I want to be writing again.  I know I said I would do Blood Gold… but that still needs lots of research.  I need something for ‘in between’. I’ve been looking at a lot of my old projects and considering them – some were just writing exercises that I tried, others are pantsing exercises, which is something I can’t do, because I am a plotter.  I need to keep a guide going of where I want the story to go. So I have to wonder if perhaps I should be digging these out and seeing if I can make any of them work, and start writing again.

I didn’t realise that the urge to write would be so strong.  It has been ages since I was able to write on a regular basis, and now that I have found a routine that works for me, I want to keep writing!  Isn’t that exciting news.

So, I have a thriller / suspense, Dragon’s League and a couple of others I could be working on.  The Thriller and the Dragon’s League story are both romance based, but they could be written without the romance, but I somehow think that the romance is actually part of the story.  I don’t have an issue writing romance, I just struggle with the idea and concept of Love. I’ve become cynical since my marriage break up, and so I have been avoiding writing full out romance novels.  But in saying that, Finding Amy Archer had an element of romance in it, it kind of snuck up unexpectedly on me, so perhaps I can write the story, and see how the characters handle that.

I’ll have a look back through all my stories and see which one really grabs my interest, but I can tell you now, Dragon’s League is pretty near the top.  I guess because I wasn’t writing this as a romance, more of an action story, and it has romantic elements.  We’ll see what happens.

So what are you struggling with at the moment?  What would you like to be doing instead?

Have a great week


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