Well, things are slowly returning to normal, not that anything is normal in our house!

My beloved went to work this morning, gingerly changing gears with his broken collarbone, which is still sticking out of his shoulder and looks really freaky.  He informed me yesterday morning that he was spending the night away as he had to supervise the start of a job that he quoted on.  What was wrong with telling me that information a few days ago, when you first learnt about it???

I am back to raspberry picking with my youngest and eldest, and the yelling and screaming stll hasn’t stopped with youngest now telling the eldest that he quits… What, I don’t think I really want to know!

With my beloved feeling useless with his arm in a sling, he decided last week to do the housework.  Which shouldn’t have upset me, but I felt guilty.  I put in 4 hours in the hot sun, bending over (and screwing my back) then come home in time to see him, swinging on the end of a vacuum cleaner.  Something doesn’t quite seem right to me, but hey, the house is tidy… what can I say?

Writingwise, I sat down last night and plotted out my newest story, so I think that I will try and get that plot outline and character outlines onto the computer tonight, then I can sit back and wait until youngest son goes back to school!  Oh I am so looking forward to that!  Even though I haven’t been doing any of my own editing, I am itching to get back into it.  I have been proofreading and critiquing, but it is nice to get into your own stuff.  So roll on February, I am looking for some routine and a chance to get the creative juices flowing!

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