I mentioned some time ago that I purchased a new notebook and I was in love with it.  Since then I have purchased another.  And while it isn’t love at first sight, it was love.

You see I have this problem.  I have way too many notebooks, but I can’t stop buying them.  And they do get used!  Its not like I buy them and discard them, unwritten in.  In fact I often write lots of stuff in my notebooks.  This is my current “collection” although it is not complete, there are still others that were floating around and could not be located in time to do this photoshoot.

My notebook "collection"

The little red one at the bottom, is in my handbag.  I keep notes for what I am supposed to do in town in that one.  It is getting a little thin from the cull of used pages I do every now and again.  But this one came to Fiji with me.

The small blue marbig one (and I have an orange one too) are my story ideas notebooks.  Small enough to fit in my handbag, beside my bed, on the computer desk etc, this is where I jot down the formings of ideas, or single words that I have heard, read or liked.

The big dark pink Marbig notebook (and I have a blue one too) has a pocket on the front, and is handy to take when I am researching.  Any slips of paper I accumulate, or anything fascinating can go in the pocket, while the rest of the book is capable of notes.  This pink one has my Blood Gold notes and research data in it.

The punk notebook just had to be used for my Gothic Novel, the cover was inspiring on its own, but didn’t really lend itself to the story.  There is still plenty of space in this little honey for more gothic ideas and inspirations, and I could actually see this being my vampire story book too… mmmm

The Tartan notebook, this is the one I am in love with.  The tartan isn’t particularly pretty, but I love all things Scottish (guess it is the ancestry) and this was just one of those things I couldn’t resist.  This is where my new story idea is going.  I can’t go into details here and now, but this is the next one that I will be filling with research and story ideas.

The last notebook I want to talk about is one that I purchased at the same time as my tartan notebook.  It is the “Smart Eye” covered book (and yes there is an image, but there is something wrong with the printing!)  This is going to be a special book.  Often I see pictures that inspire me, but I don’t often do anything about it.  This is a type of photograph book, so I intend to use this as a sight book rather than note book.  I will put pictures and objects in this book that will visually inspire me, whether it is a sunset picture, or a downloaded photo off the internet.  This will be slightly different from any of my other books, but something I am actually quite excited about.  It doesn’t have to be photos, a drawing, a perfume sample card, a cartoon, a piece of fabric, lace, ribbon, something other than words.

So there you go.  I AM a notebookaholic and proud of it!

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