Well, it is day two already – where did day one go?!  I signed up for NPI over at 5-Rings.com.  What is NPI?  Novel Push Initiative, to get the writer back into writing.  As it coincided with me also writing a Gothic Novel for the month of October, I thought it was a great idea, then promptly forgot about it – Duh!

I wrote in my blog, which wasn’t very helpful, but I also did some more research into my novel, which also wasn’t very helpful, so today, I HAVE to do 250 words a day, or rather 500 to make up for failing right from the outset!  Guess, I will have to try and manage my time better!

NPI – Novel Push Initiative
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One thought on “NPI – Novel Push Initiative

  • October 3, 2010 at 6:27 am

    Yeah, I fell behind right at the start. Got over the 250 words today though:0)


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