I first met Cherie Le Clare through our Nelson Writing Group.  She is a member of the Romance Writers of Nelson and has been a great person to talk to about writing.  She has started publishing her own books, and I asked her about her latest offering – Taming the Bad Boy.

Cherie Le Clare1. What was it that interested me in story idea?

I read a news article about men having difficulty with gaining fair custody rights and thought it might make a good story.

2. Where is your book set and why is it important?

The book is set in Wellington, NZ, for no particular reason other than I wanted to set this book in a city with an international airport.

3. Why do you write?

Writing is an interesting and challenging hobby for me.

4. Who do you read and why?

I read all sorts of genres and authors – I thrive on variety. 

5. How do you go about writing?  Do you have a set time a day, or a special place to write in?

I maintain an inconsistent writing “schedule” – on my laptop on the computer desk in a corner of the lounge.

6. How do your characters develop?

My characters develop as I get to know them. I do a rough sketch beforehand on each character’s background and personality. I give each one a flaw which impacts on their ability for romantic happiness to be easily attained, sort out what their inner conflict is, and give them a habit which makes them unique and memorable. But I usually have to complete several chapters before I’ve discovered who they really are.

Tell us more about your latest book and where we can purchase it.

Here’s the blurb for Taming The Bad Boy.

Using drastic measures to take what he wants backfires on Luke Knight when he meets solo foster mum, Katie Ryan. Both suspicious of one another’s motives, yet equally determined to protect five year old Emily, they must support one another and learn to co-operate to keep the little girl safe. But, when Emily goes missing, their relationship is tested to its limits.

And discovering the truth turns out to be the biggest test of all.
My latest romantic intrigue novel, TAMING THE BAD BOY, can be purchased at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006BIEIGC for $2.99.
Readers can find or contact me at www.cherieleclare.com

Thank you for hosting me on your blog, Karen.

NZ Book Month – Cherie Le Clare

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