Serena is a member of RWNZ, she jumped at the opportunity to share her writing for NZ Book Month.  So here is more abut Serena and her midnight writings:

When you aren’t writing, what do you do for a job?Serena Clarke colour

I do freelance writing, editing and proofreading – also worked in around family life! As my boys get older there’s more homework, after school activities and general busy-ness, but I’m lucky to have the flexibility I do. One of the joys of writing is that you can work on it in your head while you’re driving to swimming lessons or doing the dishes. I try to switch it off while I’m proofreading though!


When do you generally write, and where?

I write when I can – sometimes you don’t have much choice! But my best time seems to be late at night, when everyone’s tucked up asleep. In the dark, the real world recedes, and your imaginary one blossoms…anything is possible.


What made you decide to write in the first place?

I’m not sure if ‘decide’ is the right word. It was more like the need grew and grew until I couldn’t NOT write any more! One day I looked at all the books on the shelves in the local library, and had an image of those authors sitting at their dining room tables, unpublished and hopeful, writing their first books. I was also staring down a significant birthday, so it felt like time to take action! And I’m glad I did.


Why do you write about the topics you do?

They’re the things I like to read about – the things close to my heart. Adventure, friendship, family, travel and true love… In my book All Over the Place, Livi strikes out into the world after a disaster – everything’s up for grabs. And she finds that a journey in miles can become a journey of the heart too. I love the idea that we’re all looking for something – home, love, meaning.


 Where would be your ideal place be to write?

Oh, I dream of having my own writing room. It would have a view of the countryside out one window, and of a bustling city out the other, to suit whatever I’m writing about. A big antique table for doing admin, and a huge comfy sofa for curling up on and doing the creative stuff. Oh, and a super-fast MacBook Pro. You did say ideal! 🙂

If money was no object, would you write full time?

I’m very lucky because some weeks I do get to write full time – in school hours, anyway. Funnily enough, I still find myself working away in the wee small hours…see the answer to the second question!


Tell us a little something about the book you are currently working on:

It’s another international kind of book, with the same sort of chick lit vibe as All Over the Place. It’s set between England and California, and follows the ups and downs of twin sisters after they discover the secret their mother kept. Think matchmaking, flash mobs, people power in a hyper-connected world, true love, and the trials and joys of sisterhood…and a happy ending, of course!

 Thanks for having me to visit Karen – it’s a joy to be here with so many amazing New Zealand authors!


About Serena Clarke

Serena grew up in a family of itchy-footed readers and dreamers – not concentrating, reading the atlas and Narnia books, and planning to escape somewhere magical as soon as she could. When she was 16, she went from New Zealand to live in Sweden for a year. It was the beginning of many travels and adventures – and quite a few disasters! She didn’t know it at the time, but eventually she’d be grateful for all the downs as well as the ups. As writers say in the face of adversity: “I can use that.” She’s now living back in New Zealand, where she writes stories reflecting her determined belief in magic, possibility and second chances – and happy endings!

Find Serena here – she’d love to hear from you!


About All Over the Place

All Over the Place coverLivi Call


ay has fled back to London after a reality TV disaster in New Zealand. Safely anonymous in the big city, she’s determined to stay under the radar from 

 now on. But her attempts to build a new life are complicated by unexpected visitors from her old one, and new dangers and temptations lie in wait.



one ni

ght, she meets a mysteriously sexy American on the Underground – and the events that follow take her from Pooh Bear to the golden lights of Paris, via a trail of rock stars dead and alive. A family in disarray, a determined Swede, a crazed Australian and a childhood friend (who might yet be more than that) have her all over the place as she tries to discover the American’s secret – while keeping her own.

With help – and occasional hindrance – from her friends, what she eventually finds is something unexpected…sometimes, running away can lead you to exactly what you didn’t know you needed.


All Over the Place is available from Amazon and all major e-book retailers




NZ Book Month – Serena Clarke is All Over the Place
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