It is October, where is this year going?  I swear it was only February or March a couple of months ago!

So I thought it best to update my goals before I forget (got to remember the family newsletter while I am at it).

I gave myself  break during September, though I think I said that when I wrote the September goals.  I had finished KQ&N, and I needed some space – and I also ended up with extra hours at work, so I would have been pressed for time.

So my goals for October  are:

1. Edit Ice Planet – 1/2 way through (and Finish my Ice Planet Story)! Integrating more romance into the mix.

2. Plot out and plan my paranormal romance story

3. Edit the Gothic novel (Tobias and Arabella – aka the bloody gothic novel)

4. Finish writing “Son of God”

5. Edit Medusa’s Garden.

6.  Revise and edit Medusa as a romance novel(!?!)

7. Edit “Of Kings Queens and Noblemen”.


As you can see, my goals have changed a little.  I have incorporated two into one (Ice Planet) and put in a new goal (plotting / planning new romance).  I have already been working on the romance plan, but overcomplicated the plot, so now I have taken a break from it, and will focus on Ice Planet and when I feel stressed about that, I will swap to the romance and vice versa.  Would be nice to get both completed this month, but won’t be surprised (or upset) if I don’t.

Just need to spell check KQ&N and looking for Beta readers – any takers?  I need to know ASAP.

October Goals 2012
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