It has been a while since I wrote here, only because I am busy unpacking, and desperately trying to get the house into some resemblance of normal (Just what is NORMAL???) before I embark on my next writing mission, which is sneaking up on me really fast!  I have printed out research material, but haven’t really had a good read of it yet, and I still have a short story to finish for my Writing Goal.  And I only have TWO DAYS!  How the hell did that happen!

I have my laptop all set to go, and my computer desk is tidy, but I will be writing on the laptop which doesn’t really have a battery, so I can’t really take it anywhere and use it without having AC power to connect to! (If you know of any way to EXTEND the life of a battery, please let me know!).

The house is coming together, and I have a couple of kid free days before I have all 99 kids (well three, but it feels like more sometimes!) and I was hoping to get stuff done, instead, I have a cold and desperately trying to get the house tidy, and youngest son’s room into some semblance of normalcy (there’s that bloody word again!)

I also want to have some time to myself and time with my husband in the evenings, but four days just disappears really fast!  Had a lovely massage last night from my better half when HE got home from WORK, which was a lovely and nice surprise – I cooked him gurnard fillets with salad and sour dough bread.  Tonight we are having flounders!  I spoil him, he spoils me!

While we are off the subject, just to bring us back, I have met a local young lady who is very strongly interested (OK, she is mad keen) on writing, and we will probably meet at the school once or twice a week to talk about it.  I am probably more excited about this than she is because I finally have someone to talk to about writing, the complications, the joys and the tragedies.  It is exciting.

Well, I suppose I better get back to vacuuming the lounge, and hopefully I might actually get to do some writing this afternoon… yeah, RIGHT!

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