OK, so I am not the most organised person, in fact I am NOT an organised person.  I find it hard to have structure around me, even though I desperately need it!  My desk looks like a bomb has gone off in a paper factory (except the paper isn’t charred) and I struggle to find time to sort it out.  When I do tidy up, it looks great, but it doesn’t take long before it becomes a cluttered mess again.

As a result of my unorganisedness, I have had real problems getting back into the scheme of things since my son went back to school.  I was hoping to make the most of my day and get some writing done, but that hasn’t happened.  In fact I got so wrapped up in a story idea, that I didn’t do any writing – I only went through paper and ink as I printed out more and more information about my latest story.  Whoops.  I did organise that into a file, so for once, I did get organised!

Last night in bed, I was thinking about my plan.  This morning, I would get up, get my son ready for school, drop him off, have sushi for lunch (handmade of course) get tea organised, and then have the remainder of the day to sit and type…  Yeah, like that was going to happen.

I got up this morning and saw a note I left on the door to myself.  I was babysitting until 10am… OK, can handle that.  Tidied my room while I was babysitting, which isn’t easy when little miss 3 constantly wanted me to help her out… So that was what it was like to have a three year old…  I made the rice for my sushi, I got the sausages defrosted (because the steppies are coming out tonight!), lunch is made, tea is organised, and I remember another appointment I am supposed to have at 4:30pm.  Avon is due to arrive this afternoon, along with my much awaited and anticipated Kindle… so there goes another day wasted…  I could take the laptop to bed and edit, but my immortal beloved doesn’t like hearing me type away on the keyboard while he is trying to sleep.

I have to wonder whether perhaps there will be no money in writing for me!  I never seem to find the time.  Maybe tomorrow will be different?… Yeah Right!

Organisation… Phffff!
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2 thoughts on “Organisation… Phffff!

  • March 2, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    what a busy day! hopefully you’ll find time to write tomorrow 🙂

  • March 3, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    Sounds like my desk at the moment. Who am I kidding, sounds like my desk all the time


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