Wow, where is the week going?  I did a middle of the week post and forgot all about my post for yesterday!  Duh!

For a week now, I have been following a healthier life style, eating, exercising etc, and feel much better for it, but I blew it last night.  Sat up late and feel very blah today – like I am out of synch with myself.  I have even managed to blow the healthier eating today, but that is OK, it is allowed.

Its not a diet, it is about eating healthier food choices and eating more protein which keeps you fuller for longer and also sates the hunger feeling, so I can go all day and not know that I haven’t snacked like I used to.  Also when I do snack now, it is on better types of food.  And the best thing is, I am eating more meat again albeit in small portions.

I have finished up to Chapter 6 in KQ&N which is great, 15k edited!  Sounds like a hell of a lot of words for the first 6 chapters – and I agree.  Definitely some chapter chopping going to happen.  I am feeling good about the story, so will keep going with it and see what happens.  I am already looking for markets for it, that it might be suitable for, being a fantasy romance!

I have found printing out the chapters works better for me, because I edit it quicker and cleaner this way.  I always reuse the paper so it doesn’t just get used once.

Anyway, since it is tea time here – not that it feels like it, I guess I better go feed the masses (all two of us!)

Out of Sink… I mean synch
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