Another week, another dollar… or not!  Shards of Ice is continuing to sell well, so keep buying and recommending people!

Busy week with work last week, not much time for anything else – except I did finish Running Away!  Yay!  Finally!  It feels good to get that to the stage where I can leave it and come back to it later to edit it.

I was going to start work on Curse of the Taniwha – and even got as far as making a visual plan for it, but when it came to making notes for the chapters I have so far, I realised that I have some large problems – some of the chapters don’t flow together!  What was I thinking?  To be honest, I don’t know!

I do have some ideas to extend the story a little (storyline-wise), but I really need to print it out and read it before I start working on it, because I need to know where the gaps are, and work out how to weave a story or subplot into them to build on the story a bit more.

I’ve also come up with another idea, for the hero, who is a taniwha, which I am really excited about as it will give the heroine a run for her money!  You will have to stay tuned for find out more.

So this week will involve printing out and reading Curse of the Taniwha to find and fix problems and complete the story – would be awesome if I could do it before the end of August  🙂

What are your plans for the week?

Out with the Old, in with the … Not so Old?
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