I started writing a story on Tuesday and currently it sits at 6k – which is pretty amazing, considering it is coming out of my fingers rather than out of my head.  I am pantsing it for a change, and as everyone who regularly reads my blog will know, I am a true blue, staid-in-my-ways, planner.  So what happened?

I don’t really know.  I do know that the story is a huge step for me, by being pantsed, but also the genre.  It isn’t something I have consciously been working towards, but it has happened, and I will go with the flow for now.  It is Erotica.  Not 50 Shades of Grey Erotica, the hard core my-husband-loves-that-I-am-reading-it Erotica.  Yip, surprised me too, but then I have been reading a bit of it lately, and my husband is loving the results – but enough about him.

The story is simple, at this stage, although it could go either way.  Could become Couplemainstream Mummy Porn, or Erotica, I guess it will depend on how the characters evolve.  At this stage, the heroine is in charge, but I know that the hero is certainly going to get his own back – the title, tentatively at this stage, is Lessons in Love – and it isn’t all about whips and chains.  It is about a young man that asks his ex teacher to show him how to make love to a woman.  She teaches him all the in’s and out’s of seducing a woman, but she is doing a lot to wind this young man up, and he is going to give her some lessons too. As for the happily ever after… still undetermined.  I know what I would like to see happen, but not sure if it will.

There will be some important life lessons to be learned too, like communication and listening, which is very important – and they both need to learn this.  Perhaps I need to as well!  There is also a part about trust, ultimate trust in one another, and this could make or break the relationship, because she is married.  It is also about living life with a passion – see why it isn’t easy to categorise it as erotica?

Well, we will just see where this goes, really loving where the characters are taking me at the moment, so just enjoying the ride and loving pantsing it or panting… perhaps as the case may be!  I will keep you informed on progress.

Pantsing It?
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