pink screwdriversThis last week, I spent most of it working with my beloved, while our son spent a week with Nanna.  Since I have quit working as a teacher aide, my beloved and I have this idea where I can work for him, charge it out, and I get that money.  It will be a large amount, but I will have to budge it to last until the next opportunity arises for me to work and charge out again.  This system will work well as well as me cleaning our house, keeping it clean, gardening and writing.  While we were away, I found a pink screwdriver sent, made by Fuller.  PINK!  I was so damned excited, because a) Fuller make a good screwdriver and b) they’re PINK!  So they won’t go missing easily on a worksite.  The case is – well lets admit it, its crap, but I can find myself a tool belt (hopefully in pink) or a tool bucket that I can store these in.  I’m rapt with my new pink screwdrivers.  Aren’t they just loverly!

C Mead final logoI took my laptop while I was away, because I like to keep up to date with my emails and facebook etc, but I also took some paper away with me, because I wanted to plan out some stories.  And boy did I do that!  I came home with 1 nearly finished plan, and two in the planning processes.  And I will blog about the process I used, because someone else out there might find it interesting and useful to them.  So I came home with three new blueprints for stories, that I am very excited about.  It was amazing how I would start writing up my plan, and the next thing I am sucked into the story, and I can see it happen, even as I am trying to just jot down small sentences about what I want to happen in each scene / chapter.  I found myself looking around at the scenery, checking out my characters, determining what they look like, who they are, if I would like them or not.  I haven’t ever noticed just how sucked into a story I can be at the planning stage.  So three new stories – phew!

This week, so goes back, so I will be able to focus on just cleaning my house and having some much needed, and long anticipated ME time.  Have a good week.


Pink Screwdrivers and 3 Blueprints
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