Light at the End of the Tunnel, Kawatiri Tunnel, Feb 2011

Yay, made it to the third week, without too many complications.  There have been some problems, but I have kept writing, because I would probably go nuts if I stopped!

Last week was full of challenges for me, they could have been obstacles if I let them, but I have long been of the opinion that if I want to calm down, or feel better, just write, write, write.

On Monday, Christchurch suffered two very large aftershocks.  While that doesn’t affect where I live, my Mum was in Christchurch at the time, recovering from surgery.  It wasn’t what she needed and plans were made to get her out.  Of course the Chilean volcano made flying a little dodgy and we weren’t entirely sure how we were going to do it, but one way or another, Mum was coming home.

Wednesday, plans were made.  I would drive down and pick her up.

Thursday, my son and I drove to Waipara, about an hour out of Christchurch and met my Mum and cousin at the Mud House Winery.  We had lunch, then trucked it back up the island.  Yes, Mum is finally safe, and I am pleased to have her closer to me now.

Writing wise – I actually managed to write every day except Thursday, but because I have been so excited about my story, I managed to get ahead in my word count, so I am pleased to report, that all going well, I should finish the competition a couple of days earlier than the 30th, but I will keep writing until I finish the story.

Other than the holey plot, there are other things that need to be edited into the story, but I think that will have to wait until I have finished.  I need to get the story finished before I start tweaking it.

Progress – Week 3 SoCNoC
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