Another week has just zoomed past.  Did you see it?  I certainly didn’t.  My Mum came up to help me sort out my son’s room.  He’s ten and has lots of stuff, and I mean LOTS of STUFF!  I often stood at the doorway, looked in and shook my head, walking away, promising myself I would do it another day.  Apparently Mum took one look and did the same, except she didn’t wait for another day, so packed all his toys up in boxes.  The next day, we went through those boxes and filled a rubbish bin (not a small one, an industrial sized rubbish bin) with all the junk, crap and McDonald’s toys that were in his room.  The result – Room 3.0 as my son calls it.  It looks nice, spacious, has lots of shelving for his lego, and he’s happy… he’s even been folding up and putting away clothes, but I suspect that was because Nanna was there.

As a result, I didn’t get much done on my WiP either, just a few words one day, and that was it.  But I have come up with some other ideas to incorporate into the story.  The original idea was that the Hero would keep the heroine at the lodge – because she would tell people who he was, and he didn’t want that (he’s in hiding).  But then I came up with the idea of a storm, and no boats could get to the lodge (did I mention it is isolated and only accessible my boat or tramping?).  But that is only one day.  I need a few more reasons why they would miss getting onto one of the aqua taxi’s or ferry’s – she’s slept through one scheduled drop off… just trying to work out some more, because really, the Hero isn’t nasty, he just wants to keep her all to himself for a few days, as they fall in love.

So while Mum and I had a clean up of one kind, I’ve decided to have a re-organise my writing life – not in a major upheaval, I did that last year.  I mean just having a to do list for the week – as far as writing is concerned, just to give myself some timeframe of what I expect from myself in a week, and to be honest, it isn’t as scary and intimidating as one would think!  My to do list for this week has 4 things on it.  Admittedly, one is organising blog posts for the rest of this month and next, but if done over a few days, it is well and truly achievable.  I’ve also set my writing goal for 50% – 25k by Friday (as I don’t get to do much writing over the weekend), which is doable – because I’m at about 17k now, and I can do 2k a day.

I also have plans for a business website to get up and running, plus contacting some people about Testimonials, and a couple of guest blog posts for the end of this month to get out.

And a girlfriend and I have exciting plans for a website, which we hope to be able to sell advertising on, but we will have to see how things develop on that one.  Between the two of us, we should be able to get something happening.  Looking at launching it in June.  We’ll keep you posted.

So, a toast.  Here’s to a productive week.  Cheers

Re-Organising Days and Rooms
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One thought on “Re-Organising Days and Rooms

  • February 15, 2015 at 9:08 pm

    So much in the works! Can’t wait to see it all unfold. I’d been ignoring my to-do list as well, and getting back into it this week.

    Here’s to routine *clink*


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