Today is my son’s birthday, and it has taken me a good part of the morning to convince him he needed to go to school.  He wanted to have the day off because it was his birthday.  Fortunately he has gone, but not before some tears were shed.

Hard to believe my baby is 11 and he is no longer a baby!

And, no amount of wood touching has stopped me from getting all clogged up in the nose.  Best likely prognosis – hayfever – I don’t want to focus on the worst!

But I can say, that I have actually been working on Curse of the Taniwha!  And have some ideas of what I can do to fill the story out, because while I have a premise of the story, I didn’t really have a good plot for the middle of the story.  I have now though!  Gotta love rereading a story!

I also whipped up a semi erotic short story of the Romance Writers of Nelson anthology – called 50 Shades of Nelson.  Thinking about some of the stories I realised that we really didn’t have anything even remotely erotic.  Hopefully mine will be spicy enough, but tame enough not to offend anyone.  It will need some tweaking, but that will happen.

Today I have a cake to bake for my son’s birthday.  I would much rather go back to sleep!

What would you much rather be doing today?

Reading, Writing and Baking
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One thought on “Reading, Writing and Baking

  • August 24, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    Decluttering, of all things! Although, I’ve got a school visit, a custom drawing, and my teaching job… I’m pretty happy with today 🙂

    Glad you got the middle sorted. I tend to find that the hardest bit.


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