I recently went through some boxes that I have stored away with – well actually, they contain junk.  But in amongst the junk are some gems that I have kept throughout the years. And I discovered my old report cards from school.

What fascinated me about these report cards are that, from an early age, I loved to write and had a good command of the English language (or at least spelling!).  I distinctly remember my first day of school writing a story about my cat (Sooty at the time) and the teacher asking me what I had written.  It made sense to me, but not to her!

Another story, for which I got a principal’s stamp for was a story about the Maungatapu murderers, and how I was a rope that was “rope-knapped” and used to hang one of them.

At intermediate I wrote a story about the Titanic hitting an iceberg.  I had to read it aloud in class, and I remember blushing because the story was about a husband and wife and “she slipped on the ice on deck and her husband caught her”.  All the kids laughed!

During 6th Form, we had to complete 3 projects throughout the year for assessment at the end of the year.  I chose to write about a Downs Syndrome child that I worked with for my Queens Award Community Service (her name was Teresa), a travelogue about my trip to Australia the year before, and a novella called the “Chrystias of Amasedon” – and guess what?  I found the original handwritten book in my box of “junk”.

Its amazing what I have kept over the years, but I have also had a cull.  Found 4 good story ideas though, so will keep them.

Isn’t it fun to look back over your past and see how far you have come?


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