I came home yesterday from a brief trip to Picton and sailing in the Queen Charlotte Sounds.  Its such a beautiful tranquil place, full of bird call, enough breeze to do some sailing, and enough sunshine to keep us warm.  Apparently, Winter is the best time to go sailing down the Sounds, as the weather is more settled.  However, it is colder.  Unfortunately.

After a day out on the water, we parked up and enjoyed a hot toddy.  My first one ever, and I have to admit, I quite enjoyed it.

Yesterday morning, after an unsettled sleep, I had ideas buzzing in my head. By lunchtime Sunday, I had the background for a story that I had been working on.  Yes, I had the very start of how the whole story began.  The best part, this is for a series that I have started to write. It’s the Dragon’s League story, and with this background story, bring about how the story will continue and end, it is basically history repeating for the series.  And I am now more excited about it than I was when I decided to start writing the story!  All because I went sailing with my Muse.

Yes, a week on from my visit to Wellington, he came down south, and was feeling much better.  We enjoyed some time sailing in the sounds, and talking about things, like creating a steam engine for a motorbike, what it would mean to create a perpetual motion machine and debating who would get in with the next election.

I guess when I am happy and content, my brain goes into a creative zone, and my brain uses this as an opportunity to bring story ideas to life, or at least breathe some fresh air into them.  What might start as the germ of an idea, turns into a fully grown, complete idea by the time I have finished working my way through it.  Its nice to know that my Muse still gets my creative juices flowing.

Not only that, but I have approached a friend about creating a set of books for inspiring artists, giving them some ideas to help them start producing work.  I can’t wait to start sharing some more information about this, but its all in the development process at this stage.  Watch this space.

While I haven’t been writing, or editing, lately, I have been doing a lot of art work for my NCEA folio.  I have some fabulous ideas and they are all coming together nicely.  I’m having a lot of fun with this, and getting the concepts and ideas together has been so satisfying.  I hope to get the majority of my work done over the following two weeks, which are the school holidays.

So what have you been up to?  Have you got any projects you feel passionate about?

Have a great week.

R&R in Queen Charlotte Sounds
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