Wow, the weekend was rather impressive.  NZ beat France rather convincingly, and meet South Africa in the semi finals.  Argentina beat Ireland (I thought Ireland had a chance) and Australia only just scrape past Scotland.  So its a Southern Hemisphere win.

But enough about that, writing has been slowly progressing.  I have about 4 scenes to write and it will be close enough to finished.  Just a final read through of the final part and then I can put it aside.  Unfortunately I don’t see it being released this year, but early next year.

Running Away has been quietly percolating away, and will be released first, but again that will no doubt be next year.  I have a story that is just burning to be written.  I haven’t completely plotted it out yet, but I have some ideas, and started a book of pictures for inspiration as it is a science fiction story.  I don’t know if it will be a romance, I hope so, but it is going to be fairly dark.  It involves conspiracies and illegal experimentations.  Very dark.

Last week was fairly busy with work, grass karting and art.  My Folio has been submitted and will be marked this week before being sent away for to be marked again.  It will be back by the end of the school term to be displayed at the final assembly.  I’m hoping to take Art again next year.

This week, I’m not focusing much on what is happening today, because I have art and then the op shop – the first time in a long time.  I have work (if I get any jobs), but hoping to get a lot of writing time in this week, because then I will have Taniwha finished, and I might, just might, get to start the new story for NaNoWriMo.

What is happening for you this week?

Rugby and Taniwhas
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