Wow, June!  Wow.

So, this week I have had to battle a cold, and an infection, so physically I feel very blah.  Yesterday I started with the shakes, which is kind of freaky – never had that before.  It felt like muscle fatigue.  There is so much I need to do, but I just have to do what I can do, and not push myself too hard.  I did manage to rearrange my kitchen, so my bread maker and slow cooker are on my bench ready to use.  The microwave has been banished onto a shelf – as I mostly only use it to reheat food, or melt the honey.  Last weekend I went through my wall unit cupboard and culled photos, but I also found heaps of cards, dice and a couple of board games, so might start having board game evenings 🙂

But you aren’t reading this to see what I do every day – otherwise you would switch off!

Curse of the Taniwha and Running Away have sat on my computer all week, and I have procrastinated, and stuffed around, and spent time feeling sorry for myself.  Total number of words written = 0.

I did however, get Shards of Ice away to two proofreaders, Suzy Turner – who is a proofreader for Melissa Pearl and a successful writer in her own right, and Meryl Stenhouse from Hart and Stenhouse Editorial Services.  I’ve given them two weeks to read and send through the corrections.  I have converted Shards to Mobi and have it on my Kindle which I am reading through as well. Once I get it back, all I have to do is format it, and announce a release date.  Hmmm, will think on that, but Winter is a great time for this book which is based on the Ice Planet of Elador.  If you want to see the cover – which I have – sign up to the newsletter now!  The link is in the top right hand column – I will reveal the cover next week, but those who subscribe to the newsletter will get an opportunity to win a copy of the ebook, before it is released.

Running AwayOver the weekend, I set about working on a plan for Running Away – and this is what I came up with.  I’m rather pleased with the result, and I love index cards!  They are so fun to work with, and so changable.  I also like having them on rings, because I can change them around to what suits the story the best.  I also went through and changed some ideas I didn’t like or didn’t gel, and now I have something more concrete to work with.  I just want to get the story finished.  I am aiming for 50k, but 40k will be alright, just to get it finished, and I have given myself two weeks to do it in.  I can do 1.7k a day – I’ve done SoCNoC before, so taking into account weekends, and busy days, 13.6k can be achieved in 14 days, which will bring the total close to 45k.

I still have art, housework and other mandane mother jobs to do, life doesn’t change, but my attitude has.  How has your attitude changed this week?  What will you do differently?

Have a great week  🙂

Running Away Success
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  • June 7, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    Good luck with Running Away! I hope the words flow and the story comes out just the way you want it 🙂 Your planning looks great!


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