Good morning.  Its a brisk morning here this morning, but will be a stunning day.  A few early morning starts last week, even though my husband has been away.  The reason – two actually and both involve Running.

So, last week, I really got stuck into running every second day and once I got over a physical and psychological barrier, I’ve been achieving about 2.8km in 20 minutes.  The breakthrough seems to be using my brain while I am running to plan.  The day I did this, I came up with a story idea and a blog post.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.  So every morning on my run, I try and draw some more information out about this story I am planning.  I have since started on a second story so it will be a series and it involves Angels and Demons.  A little excited about this, but also a little daunted.  I have lots of stories I want to write, that are starting to come together, and I only have limited hours in which to write.  I wish I could clone myself.

The second ‘running’ is my new novel which I have started called… Running Away!  It involves people running away from things that are happening in their lives, in the hopes that they will go away, but we all know that they tend to get worse, the longer we ignore them.  I love the main characters, Larissa and Harley (although I had some issues with Harley’s surname.  Ryder and Davidson were out!)  I will tell you more about these two people later on.

I got Shards of Ice finished – edit-wise and sent through to my editor.  I went against my normal procedure, which is to get my lovely critique partner to work on it first, but my thoughts are to get my lovely editor to let me know where I need to do some work, get it through to my critique partner, make the final adjustments and then back to my editor.  I am hoping to get it down to one edit eventually, but as this is my second novel, I really want to just get things perfect.

Having the husband and the son away has meant that the house has been quiet, which has allowed me to write when and if I chose to, and any time of the day, but mostly it has been the afternoons, the hottest part of the day here, where I can escape to my writing desk, and turn up the volume on Spotify and just go with the flow.  And every day some new ideas come forward to really torture my hero and heroine.  And another one occurred this morning while I was out running.

This week, my husband and son are both home, so I’m hoping to get more work done on Running Away.  As for the running – because I am enjoying it so much, I will be doing this for a while yet.

Running… in more ways than one.
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