Yea, and I have reason to celebrate – I’m going back to school myself.  I meet with the senior teacher today and work out my timetable, and hopefully, fingers crossed, I might be able to start tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it.

It has been a relatively big week for me last week – learnt a lot about myself, positive and negative.  My ex decided that he needed to spend time with me on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was over it on Monday!  By Thursday I was beside myself.  I had given him my power and let him walk all over my boundaries, but I also realised that I hadn’t reset my boundaries for him.  Because we are no longer intimate, he doesn’t get to come as close as he did, and he also knows what buttons to push.  I have to deactivate those ‘buttons’ and start with the healing.

As a result of this negativeness, I was unable to get into my writing.  Poor excuse, I know, but I couldn’t focus, and I have already written myself into a corner, so I know that I need to brainstorm that.  I did do some journalling and also decided to do some creative journalling too, to visually show my emotions.  It has been good to do the visual diary, as I am able to portray my emotions – not necessarily as they really are, but as I see them.  Its been interesting.

Also, a few weeks ago, we lost our beautiful Rosey to a car – well, as fate would have it, we have a new cat – courtesy of being hit by a car – and not mine.  On Friday, I was taking my son to meet his Nanna, and we got to the intersection on the main road, and here were two girls standing beside a cat on the road.  It had been hit by a car, and apparently tried to stand up, but kept falling over.  I threw a sweatshirt over the cat and picked it up.  It was only a kitten.  I wiped off some of the blood and realised that it was only surface wounds, as far as I could see. The two girls were heading to Chch, and couldn’t stop off near a vetinary clinic, so I bundled her into my car and dropped my son off.  It was touch and go, but the kitten has adjusted quite well, although i suspect she will be a sandwich short of a picnic.  She has a tendancy to walk around the house crying, until she finds someone.  Funny little thing, but very cute.  Only a gash in the top of her head, but she is probably bruised up.  She love cuddles and her food.  She isn’t very old, doesn’t know how to groom herself or how to eat properly, but hopefully things we can help her with.  Needless to say, Mr Everest is NOT impressed with the new kitten, and already cuffed her twice… she hasn’t learnt yet.

Anyway, off to the school to meet with the Senior teacher, and hopefully pick up the subjects I want.  Fingers crossed.

Hope you all have a great week.


Schools Back – Wahoo
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