Hey there peeps – just a quick wee favour to ask:

This is a prestigious NZ award for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror and emcompasses writing, screen plays, fsmFront-v5andom et al.  Since I have published a book this year (and it has to be in this calendar year) – would you please nominate me.  I’ve filled in all the details to you, all you have to do is send the email – and the more nominations I get, the more chance I have of being on the voting form.

You can nominate as many other writers as you like, as long as they are New Zealand writers, so don’t feel you can’t nominate someone else.  I’ve nominated two other authors  – the more nominations we get, the more chance we have.

Thank you in advance.

Just copy and paste the information below and email it to sjv_awards@sffanz.org.nz.

  1. Shards of Ice
  2. Catherine Mede
  3. Novel
  4. 2015
  5. Professional awards
  6. science fiction
  7. {enter your name here}
  1. Flying Kiwi Press is the publisher
  2. Contact details for Catherine@catherinemede.com www.catherinemede.com
  3. The books are available through Amazon LinkSmashwords Link
Sir Julius Vogel Awards

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