So I got the edits back for Finding Amy Archer.  I have ISBN’s sorted.  And now I have to go through my editors comments and work out whether I want to keep them or go with her recommendation.  I tell you what, she’s a damned good editor.  She also sent through a report telling me a lot about my story, plot holes (which is up for debate), over used words (how does ‘just’ appear in every single sentence) and other little juicy bits and pieces.  She has really been very thorough and is great value for money.  If you want to check it out Elsie Editing Service is definitely worth a look.

So, I’m two thirds of the way through the edits.  ‘Just’ seems to be the most overused word, which is quite nice actually, because it used to be ‘was’, so I have learnt something, unfortunately I have just replaced one word for another (see, just did it again…D’Oh).

Another thing I have learnt, is to check out the thesaurus more.  I tend to stick to the same words, but there are so many different ways to open a door (pulled on the handle, twisted the knob, pushed the door) – who knew?

Once all the editing is done, then I am open to sending out ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies) so that I can get some reviews up before the book is launched.

And a cover.  Also need the cover.  All going well, Finding Amy Archer will be launched in early October.  Eeek!

Rather excited and nervous about this book for two reasons.  First, it is such a personal tale, and secondly because it is different from my previous writings, in that it is written in first person.  So whoever reads the book feels more like they are part of the story than if it was written in third person.  It was done deliberately like that.  First person isn’t natural for me to write, I prefer third person to write my romances.  Because the story was special for me, it was easier to translate it into first person.

Anyway, edits will continue this week, and hopefully by next weekend, I will be looking for advanced readers to check out this book for me.

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