You know I always love standing in the rain.  Great ideas come to me when I wander around amongst the negative ions.  That’s why a lot of inspiration comes when you’re in the shower.

But the only ideas that come when you’re standing in the rain, and thunder is rumbling overhead, is to find shelter.  This happened the other day while I was gardening.  The day was patchy at best, the occasional shower passing through.  But when the thunder started up, I made sure that I wasn’t the tallest thing around and I so desperately wanted to find shelter.

So its official.  I have a gardening job.  And I love it.  I work 4 days a week at the moment, for a few hours a day, and by the time I get into bed at night, I just want to crash, I am so exhausted.  Who knew gardening could be so tiring.

I’m also writing, and the words are flowing out of me think and fast.  Finding Amy Archer is a fun story to write, a little morbid perhaps, but with some editing I hope to get some humour into it as well.  There are some fun moments.  At the moment I have Amy out on a date with her best friend’s husband.  Its not what you think but it is very funny.

I’m looking forward to next week, I will finally have my son all to myself.  And I plan on keeping him too!  He’s been at his nanna’s, home for a couple of days and then off to his Dad’s.  I think for the entire holiday period I have had him for about a week.  He’s back up at Nanna’s, doing goodness knows what.  Those two are as thick as thieves, and love spending time together.  I’m lucky that they have such an awesome bond.

Me, well, this week is all about gardening, and writing, and hopefully some house cleaning, because I haven’t done some in a while.  Without having a son at home, the place doesn’t get as untidy as it usually does, although I did discover that Little is the reason why things are on the floor when they should be on the table… Apparently the floor is a better place for things to be, so he can stretch out across the kitchen table…

So what are your plans for the week?

Hope you have a good one.



Standing Out in the Rain
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