Another week is dawning, and I am still no closer to writing.  It isn’t writers block, I know

Kawatiri - other side of the tunnel

what I want to write and how I want to do it – it has more to do with motivation and inspiration than anything.

Since I started taking antidepressants, I have struggled to get my brain in order.  Two weeks of hell were followed, very gently by a more calmer mind and light at the end of the tunnel drew closer.  I can now report that I am out of the tunnel and standing in the sunshine, but I still feel a little bit fragile, and I can’t explain why, because there is nothing really to be fragile about.

I am blogging, as it was pointed out to me last week, so I am still writing as such, but the desire to sit down and write has gone, and I suspect this has more to do with my dead laptop than anything.  I love writing on my laptop – I like to keep my computer for my work stuff and my laptop was solely for my writing – I guess I really don’t want to go back to writing on my computer – not that I have an issue with it.  It had the same programs as the laptop, but I guess everyone can use my computer in my house, so I don’t have the privacy that I had with my laptop.

But enough about that.  I do feeling little sparks of motivation firing, so I guess it won’t be long before I am writing again, and I have a couple or three ideas to move on with.  My goals for the year have changed, and I will post these once I have started writing again, because I would hate to set myself up for failure!

State of the Brain…
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