So this happened on Saturday 11 March 2017 at 1pm.  I completed my first novel in two years.  It has taken me that long to get my act together!  Well, not really.  But it has taken me a while to find my groove, but find it I have.  After years of struggling to find time when it wouldn’t interfere with my ex’s life, or interrupt my family time, or some other excuse, I discovered that writing in the morning, after I have had breakfast, is a very lucrative time for me.  My morning ritual involved me changing my routine, but I am so much more happier, because I am writing, and it is at a time that doesn’t interfere with anything, and my ex’s words aren’t ringing in my ears anymore.  Instead, I am focused and written a story that I am extremely happy with.  Now to let it sit for a month, and let it mellow, age, and then when I do pick it up, it is with fresh eyes.  I can’t wait to get back into this story. I’d love to tell you more about it… but you know the rules – you have to subscribe to my newsletter, because they are getting the details 🙂  Lets just say, its a story about events that happened last year.

So, I have been a bit quiet lately, the start of February was rough, with the anniversary of my marriage implosion – which is what I have decided to call it, because it disintegrated before my very eyes.  It didn’t just end quietly, or fade away.  It blew up, in my face.  The last year has been the most amazing experience of my life, learning new things, discovering who I am, and finding out what I want and don’t want in life.  But the anniversary was a bit of a blow.  It reminded me of all the hopes and dreams I had as part of a partnership, as a family unit.  But I also need to remind myself, that those dreams weren’t mine.  They weren’t what I had wanted.  They were dreams and goals that my ex wanted and would make him happy.  But they didn’t make me happy.  What I did realise was that while I have learnt a lot about myself, I still have insecurities, and that is a painful lesson to learn.  I need to work on those.  I am still healing my heart. Up until I asked my ex to leave, I still loved him and wanted him.  It is hard to realise that perhaps you didn’t love him after all, and perhaps had just been happy to have someone who wanted me around them… but as it turns out, he didn’t really.  And when he moved, I knew I was happier without him.

And hence Finding Amy Archer, my first full written novel, was started on 7th January this year.  It has taken me over three months to write, but when you only have an hour in the morning to write, and then discovering some days you don’t have much to add, writing can come slowly, but I have done it.  And now, like my life, I am onto the next project.

A rather big project, but once again, only my newsletter subscribers will get the inside loop – because they are special to me, they have supported and encouraged me by sticking by me.

Anyway, back to life, I took my son to Wellington last weekend.  I promised him that I would with the money I made from raspberries, because he loves trains, and where we live, the only trains are in museums or on a small track.  Silver Stream Steam have an attraction on twice a month, and this month the first one was a kids day, so he got in free.  We got to ride on a carriage pulled by a steam train, and then a diesel Railcar.  He was pretty happy with his day, and I have to admit, the steam trains fired up my steampunk imagination.

This monster is a steampunkers dream
Another steam engine
The little steam train
My son and our friend on the carriage
















We also did the cable car, and a train from Wellington Station to Waikanae and back – because we could. We also visited the National War Memorial and Museum and attended the Newtown Festival.  Our legs were totally walked off by the time we returned home, but at least we got to share some wonderful experiences together.  We have some plans to visit other places and experience more things together, but we will keep those under our hats until we have done them 🙂

So this week will be spent planning my next major novel, which will be based on a tragically true story, and also editing Curse of the Taniwha, because dammit, that book needs to get out there!

What are your plans for the week?

Take care


The End…A New Beginning
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