August started and didn’t even tell me!  How did that happen?

Anyway, I am not as far behind the eight ball as I thought I would be, although I have had lots going on and not being able to determine which way is up doesn’t really help!

But enough about that – editing – I have started editing Medusa, and have only done the first two scenes in the story – OK, yes, I should be further ahead, but as I said, August snuck up on me without any warning.  I almost forgot it was my Son’s birthday this month, for some reason thinking I had another month to think and plan it!

I have also started my revision of Scarlet, a retelling of the story of Red Riding Hood in a more modern setting.  I am pleased with progress on this one, because I had to work with an older version of the story, but I like it more I think.  I have since found the new version and will add it to my laptop and will work wonders with the documents to see where the changes are and compare them.  It helps to see if I like the old version or the new version better.

Last night I belted out a 750 word story on Insomnia, which I quite like.  Will leave it on the back burner now and see what develops of it.

So, my aim for the rest of the week is to get as much of the first three chapters done on Medusa.   Finish Scarlet revision and then go from there!

The End is Nigh – Progress Report 1
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