Years ago, I went through a period of enjoying instrumental music.  It didn’t have to be classical, one of my favourite pieces is actually done by Genesis and called “The Brazilian“.  Then a wonderful compilation was released called Moods, then Moods II, which wasn’t as good, but still very listenable.

As I got older, went through relationships, I managed to lose all of my Moods cassettes, I think I had three of them, and I really missed them.  I often wondered where they got lest and whether they got trashed (more than likely) or  not.

The music moved me in a way that lyrical songs couldn’t.  I guess it was the mood of the song, and with no lyrics to interfere with it, I could transport myself to a magical place, full of beauty and wonder.  Sometimes I hear a good song on the radio and wonder what it would be like without the lyrics in it.

Recently I have been on Trademe and while some had been listed in the past, but until last week, nothing.  Then blow me down, Moods and Moods II came up at very reasonable prices, so I snapped them both up.

I am still waiting for Moods to arrive, but I am falling in love with instrumentals all over again.  Yanni’s Aria, Vanessa Mae’s Classical Gas, Sadness by Enigma, I had forgotten just how good these songs were, and I have wasted no time in loading them into my MP3 player, so when I get the urge to write, I will be cracking onto the Moods songs and listening away while I type!  Ahhh, bliss!  Its not the type of music my family are into (and really I do love Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and I am a new convert to Muse), but I don’t mind. It is my music to give me inspiration and enjoyment.

The Sound of Inspiration
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2 thoughts on “The Sound of Inspiration

  • March 19, 2012 at 2:37 pm

    Hi, Catherine. What do you make of the writers who use songs with lyrics as their writing inspiration? I can’t get over it. I was a teenager in the 80’s with the hair metal whcih I still listen to today. My wife is always bugging me about my classic rock! However, when I’m writing and the house is not quiet, I use intrumental music. I love the epic Lord of the Rings kind of stuff; stuff with power. I love Genesis, too, by the way.
    I hope life is treating you well. Have a great week!


    • March 19, 2012 at 3:10 pm

      Hey Jimmy, yeah, I am into the hair metal too, although don’t have many surviving CD’s or cassettes, but have greatest hits or compilations. I have written to lyriced songs before, I wrote Ice Planet to Lady Gaga, Madonna, Britney Spears (yeah I know!), Meat Loaf, Rolling Stones. But sometimes I need something moody to create a different style.

      I love Epic soundtracks too, I have Three Musketeers soundtrack, and I especially enjoy Traichovsky and Beethoven.


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