C Mead final logoPhew, I feel like I have hit the ground running and haven’t stumbled on my face yet, but I haven’t slowed down either!  Things have been busy and the weekends haven’t been any quieter, although – thank goodness- they should start to get slower now… I hope.

Last week was all about getting myself into a routine, having jobs around the house done in the morning, so I can focus on the computer and writing in the afternoon.  I did so well, that I got to spend all day Friday on the computer, tidying up things, getting a few blog posts done and just getting myself focused for the BIG LAUNCH – well, the launch of Cursed Love anyway.

I have spent some time away on my own and got home last Sunday.  It was nice to have that time alone, I needed it for my soul and for my family.  We all went separate ways, but when we got back together on Sunday, it was like we hadn’t been apart.  I love my family for that.

This weekend just been, we got to indulge in a family hobby – grass karting.  Oh what a day – I am still grinning stupidly as I think about the day.  It was lovely and sunny, lots of families there to spend time together, and a great day to catch up.  There were no formal races – but there didn’t need to be.  Everyone shared their karts with those who came along, and it was fantastic to have people having a go!

But this week, the focus is once again on getting the house in order so that I can focus on getting myself ready for Sunday – because that is the day that Cursed Love is being sent out into the world.  I have mixed feelings about it, but every writer goes through those feelings.  I guess being my first book, just magnifies that feeling a little bit more.

Anyway, best I get a wriggle on, because I am writing in my “housecleaning” time… opps!  Have a great week everyone  x x

The Week Ahead (and the weeks that’s been!)
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One thought on “The Week Ahead (and the weeks that’s been!)

  • November 24, 2014 at 12:19 am

    You can do this 🙂 I think those feelings are totally normal, and I am experiencing them all myself!


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