Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! 

Last weekend was Easter, and it was our final weekend camping, so we made the most of it and stayed until Tuesday. 

What an eventful weekend.  Friday morning, we had to put Cooper down.  Saturday night we were sitting in A&E with Lance, because he broke his arm.  We finally got home at 11:30pm, having brought KFC on the way home (for those that don’t know, we live 45 minutes to an hour from Nelson, depending on traffic…)!

Sunday we went back camping, Monday we were up there on our own, and it rained.  We didn’t manage to pack up the tent on Tuesday because it was wet from raining the night before, so we packed some stuff in the car and brought it home.

Wednesday, we had a drive to Karamea, because hey, what else do you do on holiday?!  We left home at 8am, we arrived in Westport at 11am, got to Little Wanganui at 12:30pm.  Looked at the job I had there, then continued on driving to Karamea where we had lunch, then tiki-toured home via Denniston – yes, I have finally been there!)

Thursday, Kerry was called into work.  He ended up working there all day.

Friday, we managed to pack the tent up and bring everything home.

Saturday – dropped Lance off at Kohatu to meet his Mum, as they are travelling to Timaru to catch up with his other grandparents.  Kerry went up the farm for firewooding

Sunday – 8:40am, Nanna picked up Billy to take him to Chch for a couple of days, they did Orana Park today.

Monday, got up bright and early and followed Kerry into town, leaving here at 7am – was going to get an early start on the the groceries.  Discovered that apart from Pak and Slave, nothing else is open until 9am – so visited my old work and caught up with my workmates, then Kerry called me to ask me to do some typing for him at his work, and so I have only been home for an hour, but I already feel like I have been up all day!  It feels like it is 10pm at night!

Writing wise – don’t get me started.  I have only edited about 15 pages in the last 10 days, but still, it was nice having time with my husband and boys!  Now I have two more days before Billy gets home to really make a big difference in my editing!

The Week that Was
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