Once again, it is the school holidays.  Once more I have a To Do list, and none of my writing is on it.  Yet again, I have another writing challenge I am trying to complete.

Why do I always end up in such a state?  I am not very good at time management.  I have lots of responsibilities and often struggle to find time to do any of them, which is a shame.  It is not that I have overloaded myself, more I have taken it upon myself to be lazy.  There, I have said it.  I am lazy!

I sat down to write the other day, and ended up looking up information on the internet about the 1920’s.  While it was research for my story, it wasn’t urgent, and didn’t really need to be done there and then, but I chose to do that rather than write.

Last weekend I ended up in A&E with a suspect broken jaw.  It wasn’t, but I still get headaches from it.  A result of concussion.  I also get tired easily – but then I always have.  I can think of lots of excuses for not doing things, but what it all breaks down to is procrastination and laziness.

I hate being unproductive writing-wise, but often I am more worried about the jobs I need to do around the house, the windows that need to be washed, the washing that needs to be hung out, pulled in, folded up or put away.  Life just never gets uncomplicated unless we make it uncomplicated.  So my challenge these school holidays is this:  Uncomplicate things.  Make things simpler.

I plan on doing this with my To Do list, which involves going through cupboards and getting rid of those unnecessary appliances, bowls, cooking implements, china, ornaments, books, clothes, linen that I don’t really need – do I really need 40 pillow cases?

Once I have things eased back, I want to get rid of one of the china cabinets that I own, so that a) I have more space and b) I have less things to dust.  By getting rid of clutter and making things simpler, I have less things to clean and more productive time to write, or craft, depending on what I feel like doing.

It means I have to get off my butt, but if I allow myself 1 hour a day to write, this shouldn’t be too complicated… provided my family give me the time and space to do this!

Time alone?
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