Where does time go?  Is there some vast magical space where all of the collected time sits and wonders where it went?  Or does it just pass us by only to slip into oblivion?

Why do I ask such a weird question?  Because today, being the first day back at school for my boys, has just flown by! 

I knew I had a lot to do, because today I created a to do list – jobs that needed to be done, work that needed to be finished, stories that need to be written(!) and by the time I finished the list, I had 17 things on it – which included write a report for work, ring two people (work related), write up minutes, type and agenda and set up dates for next meeting (completed these things!) Prepare 4 writing challenges for a website for the next month, my tax stuff that needs to get done, a referee letter for a builder and transcribing.

Why a to do list?  Lately my mind has been very busy and I get stuck into a project, only to discover that I hadn’t done something I was meant to do, like work!  This to do list is for this week (although the ird stuff is until next week) so that I had some time to do little bits, and not stress too much about the amount of work I still have.

Tonight I have three things crossed off, 7 things in progress, which leaves 7 things still to be actioned.  Which is a great start considering I only had 6 hours, two of which were spent having coffee with a friend!

This list does not include my writing, because that will be done regardless of whether it was on any list or not.  It is on my goal plan, another list that I have, but this one is taped to my wall.  The to do list is floating around my dining room table – although it is typed and saved, so if I lose it – I will just print out another one!

So today, although it has flown by, has been a success, because of a damned list!

To Do List
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3 thoughts on “To Do List

  • April 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    You’re making good progress on the list! I love lists, though I very rarely complete one before making a new one. I just carry over bits and pieces. It’s a good way to get organized and see exactly what needs doing.

  • April 22, 2010 at 10:02 am

    I *have* to use lists to stay sane. I have Remember The Milk set up on my iGoogle page and when I can’t stand looking at everything that’s on there (which doesn’t include household and general life stuff) I’ll turn to the ever reliable paper and pen. I’ll even write something on it just to cross it off even if it’s already done. Ah… it makes my brain feel better just thinking about to do lists.

  • April 22, 2010 at 10:30 am

    * Update *
    I have 12 things crossed off my list, which didn’t grow too much during the week! I still have 6 things to do, but 4 of those can be carried over to next week! And one will be crossed off the list today!

    Thank goodness for lists!


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