Its been a busy few weeks for me, having got through a sore jaw, damaged foot ligaments, surgery, more damage to my foot, suspected broken knuckle… Writing has taken a bit of a back burner.

I’m supposed to be writing flat out for NaNoWriMo, and I have been writing, but not enough.  The reason… my story is taking on a life of its own!

I intended for Huntress to be a trilogy, and plotted the first story, only to decide to start the story half way through the plan I had,

Damascus Hunting knife
Damascus Hunting knife

so I have been pantsing a lot of the story.  But Elan, my main character, has taken on a life of her own, and has decided that she wants this story to be big.  I keep trying to contain her, but she isn’t that keen, in fact she already has two love interests… hussy!

I’m rather liking Elan, she is fiery and fiesty, but people in authority really scare her, in a bad way!  She literally shuts down when confronted by angry authority.  Interesting how she did that, but something to overcome.

So that’s the triumph, here’s the tantrum part – I really want to plot the story out fully, all three stories before I continue, because I don’t want to get too mixed up, plus I’m going to need to set up a writers bible for this story set – there are lots of characters, and by the time the story is finished, there are going to be lots more, all revolving around Elan.  There is her ex husband who wants her dead, Elan’s own issues with her over developed shoulder blades, her feelings for Loc who has made it clear that he isn’t available, plus a growing friendship with Asy who wants to be more than friends… see where that one is headed.  There is also Tor, who doesn’t like her, and wants to get her as far away from his tribe as possible.  There is also her family and her new family that she has to deal with, so the story could get messy fast.

Rosalind AllenAnother triumph is – I have nearly completed Who’s That Girl, and I have decided to forgo Huntress in order to get this story finished, edited and out to my critique friend who has offered to read over it for me.  This is due to be submitted in February, and with Christmas and January being busy times of the year, the sooner I get it done, the better.  If anyone else is keen to critique this story also, please let me know, would like at least two critiquers, it is about 25k long.

So hopefully, I am over the worst of whatever has been afflicting me (I personally think someone is trying to tell me to slow down!) and I can get back on track physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I could certainly do with some calm in my life.

Triumphs and Tantrums
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